From hood cleaning to sidewalks and parking lots, power washing can be used to help keep restaurants and commercial kitchens clean both inside and out. Power washing products make it easy to quickly clean large areas such as outdoor surfaces. They also give you the ability to clean hard-to-reach areas like grease ducts.
And while some may think that using power washers uses a lot of water, these high-pressure systems can actually help you USE LESS WATER than other cleaning methods because power washing is so effective and efficient! Learn how power washing can help breathe new life into your restaurant and increase the curb appeal of your business.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of a Clean Exterior

Restaurant owners often focus more on the interior than the exterior of their facility, but keeping the exterior of your restaurant clean is just as important. So let’s start by talking about all the many different ways you can use power washing products and tools like the Hydramotion SideWinder and Whisper Wash surface cleaners to keep the outside of your restaurant clean. Then we’ll move on to all of the inside areas that can also benefit from pressure washing.
Keeping the exterior of your restaurant as clean as the inside lets your customers know as soon as they arrive, that you take pride in your establishment and that you are making every effort to provide a clean environment. Using power washing to keep the exterior of your restaurant clean sends the right message that your facility is safe and ready to serve customers.

The Many Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing offers many benefits to the restaurant and commercial kitchen owners. They can be used to pressure wash building exteriors, siding, parking lot surfaces, surrounding sidewalks, decks, patios, awnings, entryways, and even outdoor furniture. Power washers can also be used to clean roofs, gutters, windows, and shutters to leave your facility even more sparkling clean.

Power Washing Quickly and Easily Sanitizes and Cleans Dumpster Areas

Power washers also do a great job of sanitizing your trash receptacles, dumpster areas, and dumpster corrals. Your dumpster pad may not be the most visible part of your facility but in this case, out of sight should not be out of mind. Regular cleaning of your dumpsters – both inside and out – as well as your dumpster pad is a must. Any spills around your dumpster will quickly become an issue and can attract pests. Not only does this create a bacteria-ridden health hazard. It simply doesn’t look or smell good! It can also become a dangerous slip-and-fall hazard for employees that need to access the area. In fact, dumpster areas are often cited as one of the most infested and dirty areas of a restaurant property.
Power washing can help easily and quickly remove the vilest, caked-on food, dirt, and grease and help you keep flies, bugs, rodents, and other pests away for good. To get the best results, we suggest using a power washer with at least a 2,000 PSI output. We also recommend using a liquid degreaser to increase your cleaning power and to help remove oil and grease buildup. Want to keep your newly cleaned dumpster area in tip-top shape? Try our Lane Guard Pavement Protection System to extend times between deep cleanings.

Clean Parking Lots and Sidewalks Make For Happy Customers

Next in line for pressure cleaning are your parking lot and sidewalks. Power washing is a really effective way to clean up any oil spills, grease, and excess dirt and get rid of nuisances like chewing gum and stubborn stains. Surface cleaners are a great way to make the job quick and easy. Plus, power washing doesn’t just make your asphalt parking lot or concrete sidewalks look good. Keeping them clean of chemicals, grease, oil, and dirt can also help ensure they have a longer life span.

Power Washing the Interior Areas of Your Restaurant

Now that the exterior of your restaurant is sparkling clean, let’s talk about all the different applications for power washing on the inside of your facility. Pressure washers can be used to clean a myriad of things in your restaurant and commercial kitchen. Hood filters, hood ducts, kitchen appliances, ovens, and other equipment that has heavy grease buildup that can’t be easily scrubbed clean. You can even pressure wash walls and floors. Read on to learn more about how power washing can help keep your kitchen both cleaner and safer.

Deep Clean Your Floors for Improved Disinfection and a Safer Environment

Power-washing surface cleaners are great at cleaning large floor areas and can do a much better job than a mop. Even if you mop daily, regular deep cleaning with a power washer is important for keeping grease, dirt, and grime from building up on your floor. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also be dangerous and slippery for employees – especially in food preparation areas where high levels of effluent grease particles are in the air.

Get Your Hood and Ventilation System REALLY Clean with Power Washing

Moving up to the ventilation hoods and hood filters, we arrive at one of the most important places in your kitchen to keep free of grease buildup. Duct cleaning and hood filter cleaning are critical to preventing kitchen fires and keeping your employees and patrons safe. Power washing will help you clean your ventilation system to the bare metal, the gold standard recommendation for hood cleaning.
Foamers such as our Portable PD Precision Foamer are great for the hood and vent cleaning. They allow you to apply high-quality foam precisely where you want it. They are specially designed with hood and vent cleaning in mind to help you do the job fast while also reducing your use of both chemicals and water. Power washers also let you get your upblast exhaust fans cleaned and back in service in no time with the help of power washing.
Power washing grease filters can be a very effective way to keep your hood and your hood filters clean. Using a hood filter cleaner like SAFECID CR910 High Foam Degreaser can help make the job even easier as regular dish soap simply can’t cut through the kind of grease build-up you will get on a hood filter.

Helpful Power Washing Tips

  • Narrow spray nozzles provide higher pressure but less coverage, while wider spray nozzles have greater coverage and lower pressure.
  • When cleaning your hood filters, start with your nozzle at about 2 feet away from the filter and then move closer as needed – don’t get any closer than 6”.
  • It is best to use the widest spray angle you can, moving to a more narrow nozzle only if you are having trouble removing stubborn stains or build-up.
  • Cleaning a vertical surface? Be sure to wash from the bottom up and then rinse the surface from the top down.
  • Prevent damage to the surface you are cleaning by holding the tip of the power washer nozzle at an angle instead of directly at it.
  • Continuously move your power washer spray nozzle to avoid damaging or cutting into the surface you are cleaning.

The Many Benefits of Power Washing

Keeping your business clean on the outside is just as important as keeping the interior clean and inviting. But with so many other things to manage at your restaurant from staffing and management to food prep and supply deliveries, keeping your establishment clean may not be at the top of your mind. It might seem like a real challenge.
However, with the right duct cleaning and power washing products in your cleaning arsenal, you can address all of your exterior and interior pressure cleaning needs more quickly and with greater ease, so your restaurant will always look great!
After all, the reputation of your restaurant is only as strong as the image you create – and that includes the cleanliness and appearance of your facility. A clean restaurant exterior could even make the difference between a customer deciding to come in or go somewhere else.
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